AHOY. I'm a graphic/web designer with a penchant for all things grunge. Welcome to my creative archive. You can email me to talk about stuff, your day, questions, commissions, your dog, anything: fryingsausage@gmail.com

What to expect: Long-winded descriptions of my creative process, my intentions, & inspirations for each piece. Pieces may include crafts, graphic/web design work, doodles, and awkward costumes for my lizard.

Face Paste: Breakfast Club

This was really fun to make. Note the hideous writing on the tag. I didn’t mean to use it, but it was very fitting with the overall DIY look so I kept it. lol

Anyway this is for Kriss again. She wanted a DIY lip/face exfoliating scrub, so I did a bit more research and came up with my own recipe. Used all natural ingredients. If I could find my bentonite clay, I would have added that as well. 

Breakfast Club Ingredients: organic agave honey, french roast coffee grounds, green tea, oatmeal, brown sugar, vegetable glycerin, olive oil, kosher salt (sea salt is preferred)

Take note: It will make you smell like brown sugar oatmeal and coffee. And the smell doesn’t exactly go away for a long while.

This says “It has a “GET AWAY” feeling doesn’t it?” 

Based on one of the most nostalgic videos ever featuring Hyde & Ken of L’Arc~en~ciel on Matthew’s Best Hit TV… talking about their disdain towards people who get drunk while cherry blossom viewing. A recent Twitter spammage of L’arc quotes with Kriss prompted the urge to make this. lol The reference is REALLY obscure, but I put it up for purchase here if anyone would like one. Wanted one myself haha.

The Japanese typography was really awkward… I didn’t know whether to draw cutesy Japanese or calligraphy style. I went ahead and drew it in “normal” handwritten style. That’s what I’d consider my “nice” handwriting. lol My usual Japanese handwriting is a bit cringe worthy. 

Anyway, this was fun to design. I included a detail shot of some of the vector work because I tried to put in a lot of detail but it isn’t readily apparent. The blossoms were awkward to draw too… 5 petals.

My sketch shows a cutesy Hyde/Ken but I decided against including it in the final design.

My little octodog dude, Frying Sausage. I wanted a logo that’d match my personal branding (a pirate with tentacle hair lol) and I was already using the username, so why not. The fonts used were not made by me, but I would’ve done a grungy painted look as well, probably.

HA! awkwardly shaped whale. i have no idea what i was trying to achieve with this, but i cried when i saw his extremely round shape. i don't know what this is, female dean? she looks kind of weird. well, i mean, sure go ahead and gossip, but it's a bad habit to have. i'm sure we all do it, but should we really?
there are plenty of more important things to discuss. like avocados, for one. i was eating asparagus at work when i drew this, no idea why i was felt compelled to doodle this. looks kind of nice though this says

More doodles. My doodle game is pretty weak this round, I’ll try to make up for it next time. Notes in the picture captions for anyone interested.

And I’ve added an about page for anyone who would like to read about how uncool I am. Ha.

You can buy this here

Wow, so I know I mentioned the grunge sprayed look killing my computer the last time I used it, but it was okay-ish this time. For the most part (my Illustrator did crash while rendering something else on this design). I wish I’d painted the nebula/galaxy part with my fingers, but I think it came out all right. I tried to put in a few other colors to make it more dimensional, but decided against it.

Anyway, this is a David Bowie song I like. I was going to add the Hollywood Hills to this because that’s basically what the song’s about, but I preferred the design without all that clutter.

And I wanted to put Bowie’s logo somewhere on it too, but it looked weird and out of place. But anyway, this was fun and I’m not completely done with it, so I might tweak it here and there… we’ll see.

Okay, this was really dorky poster I made a few months ago, and excuse the profanity on it. I just wanted to make a pun out of Peter Parker’s name.

It’s totally asking for it.

I used a direct reference (I believe it was the actual official movie poster?) for the itsy bitsy Spider Man. 

You can purchase this here.

This was my submission for the Supernatural T-shirt design contest a while back. I didn’t win, but that’s cool. Season 9/10 kind of complicates the design a little, but I’m going to ignore that. 

I stayed up all night to finish this while binge eating macarons, drinking unhealthy amounts of black tea, yelling with my brother about politics, and watching Star Wars. Good memories. Anyway, I’m kind of happy with how it came out. Wish I included more Sam elements. I appreciate you too, Sam.

This one’s incomplete, but I’m at a loss as to where to go from here. I threw the design onto a bottle mock-up for now.

This was sketched several months ago. The original sketch was much more elaborate but I decided to make it more subdued. The yellow can be gold or yellow, but for simplicity’s sake, it’s yellow here. This design was, of course, inspired by season 5 Castiel of Supernatural.

And I’m not sure what a “divine cocktail” is but I’m sure it’s heavenly. Also 77% alcohol level is not good, and I don’t condone reckless drinking, OKAY? Okay. 

I made a oceanic-galaxy lightbulb paperweight thing. The picture doesn’t really do the colors any justice, I think. Also, IT GLOWS IN THE DARK, of course. Kind of a given with me.

Finally got a chance to use my glitter hoard, ha.

More Kriss stationery. She likes bunnies and coffee. 

This is the most stressful design I’ve done in a while. It doesn’t look very significant but I’ve been wanting to try the painted semi-grunge look, and well, apparently my computer can’t handle that kind of rendering. Seriously crashed my Illustrator… at least 7 times. Took several hours to shade everything. Man.

The typography was a spur of the moment thing. Cloudy/with/a/of were drawn by me, the others were various other fonts. 

There are some other issues that I haven’t fixed because of how long it would take to do that, so I’m just… going to leave it as is for now. Don’t think my computer can take another minute of this design. lol

More kawaii stationery for Kriss. The result looks NOTHING like my sketch. To be fair, I had no idea what I wanted to do for this design… so I just drew the bottles in Illustrator based loosely on my doodles and thought a menu would be interesting. I was thinking of those dim sum restaurants that have those little forms to write in what you want.

Vanilla coke using black spiced rum because Kriss likes it, and it was the first ~mixed drink~ I learned of from her. Also pirates. I feel like the design is too distracting from the actual POINT of these designs (cute stationery to write on) so I might redo this. We’ll see.

Also, no hand drawn typography this time, just used some freeware fonts. I’ve been a bit lazy with typography.

i was staring at sesame and felt like attempting to doodle her. also snail mail. decided to try to draw hair a bit differently. hair is very difficult. note the sorting hat & viking helmet, was watching supernatural panels while drawing this... played with my watercolor markers as well as jessica's copic markers. fun stuff. not having a pencil sketch, though, makes it so hard for me. if zelda and princess bubblegum and galadriel had a child. some typography, will probably clean the honey & milk one in illustrator. zan korobos kor koramond is what warlock of dota2 says. i've memorized every warlock line ever because he's ALL i ever play on dota2. 
also, i drew kent & shelby of adventure time and viper of dota2

Another doodle dump. Notes in the captions if anyone cares to read.

I hope I get some free time to refine some of these pieces…

Made this for my mum on Mother’s Day this year. On hindsight, I should have used browns for the background. Black is way too… dark. My mum put Disney princess stickers on the corners of the printed version because the darkness was too much HA.

Note: Not all of the flowers were drawn by me, some were free resources. Just for clarification purposes, 95% of my work is done by me for most of my pieces. I use free/paid resources here and there.

AAAARRRRRDVARK random lyrics/quotes i like a weird looking alien fairy ice cream jellyfish and weird attempt at serpessence typography i was gonna draw 4 crabs walking down abbey road but got lazy. not my usual style, random girl pirate

Another doodle dump. Mmmmm doodles. 

♫ Growl control to Major Nom 
♪ Growl control to Major Nom 
♫ Take your honey pills 
♪ & put your helmet on 

Another kawaii stationery design for Kriss. She likes bears. So here are some astronaut bears. And I like David Bowie, so I decided to kind of sort of hint at his ever popular song Space Oddity. Also alluded to the opening line in the Flight of the Conchords’ “Bowie." lol

There isn’t much to this design… I kept it extremely plain. I named one of the bears Major Nom. It’s a pretty lame name, but I like it. What are the bears doing? They almost lost their remote… thing. I think.